Systems – Fire Alarms

Although there is extensive choice of fire alarm products from many manufactures, We as a company have chosen to be suppliers of specific quality, proven, reliable products from a selection of different manufacturers. As approved suppliers we benefit from their technical support and update of products available.

This enables us to choose the most suitable products for the application, with the assurance that we will not be returning for product failure/incorrect choice of product.

As an independent company we promote open protocol systems so we can advise customers without prejudice.

Global Fire Services can advise the suitability of one product against another, or combine several products for an overall design solution. Our expertise in this field is built upon “hands on experience”, having working with numerous manufacturers products. This means that the correct product for the situation can be specified and, of equal importance, eliminating the installation of non-compatible products.

We have the expertise and experience for working with all of the following types of fire detection systems:
Analogue Fire Systems
Advanced Electronics
Cooper Fire
Conventional Fire Systems (non-addressable)
Savwire (2 wire systems)
Radio Communication Fire Alarm systems
Cooper Fire
Aspirating Detection systems
Extinguishant Products (fixed and portable)
Intrinsically Safe Systems
Flame Proof Systems
Computer aided Graphic display
Red care/ Alarm monitoring centres
Fire extinguishing systems can be integrated into fire detection systems. These systems are designed to ensure rapid suppression of a fire by flooding the area with the appropriate agent- inert gases, clean gaseous agents, foams, powder, CO2 or water mist. With our ability to call upon the expertise of extinguishant and pipe work engineers, we can provide the complete installation package to suit you needs.

We can also offer the added insurance of your systems being monitored 24 hours a day with predetermined actions carried on receiving faults or alarms, by linking your system to an alarm-receiving centre including BT red care. This facility not only provides peace of mind, but could also reduce your insurance premiums.

For information on a selection of the range of equipment we are suppliers of, you can view our Supply page which can be found on the Services menu, or contact via telephone, fax or e-mail.