Services – Design

Global Fire Services design and install fire alarm protection systems to BS 5839 Part 1:2017.

We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to offer a total system design to your individual requirements and specifications in accordance to the British Standard that is fully capable of protecting your risk.

For all applications we can design, supply, install and commission the whole system, leaving you with a fully compliant system and the issue of a certificate to BS 5839 Part 1:2017.

With a Global Fire Services system you have the full assurance and peace of mind that comes with a professionally designed system. With any project the design stage is the first critical stage in order to ensure objectives are achieved, budgets are adhered to and deadlines are met. We, as independent product suppliers and experienced installers can offer an invaluable input to a broad range of applications.

Global Fire Services are ideally equipped to design fire detection systems, regardless of building type or the priorities of the system to be installed.

We can work independently or in partnership with consultants, architects or other engineers etc, enhancing their unique experience and skills of products and installations, ensuring that the resultant system matches the needs and expectations of the customer. One contentious alteration in the British Standard code is the inclusion of critical path cabling. The code now states that all critical signal paths should be fire resistant. There are two grades of cable- enhanced and standard. Enhanced cable should be used in unsprinklered buildings that incorporate four or more phased evacuation procedures, or are greater than 30m in height. It also must be used in networking between fire panels. Enhanced cabling may be identified by a fire risk solution for shortfalls in building construction. Fire resistant cabling is also required for the mains supply cables.