Services – Supply

Global Fire Services will supply any of their product range to electricians and other installers wishing to install themselves.

Global Fire Services can supply quality products and ancillary items used during installation for:

Virtually all Non Addressable and Analogue Addressable Fire Systems

As a responsible supplier of life saving fire products we offer a free consultancy service to ensure that the appropriate products are being purchased. We do stress that any person buying products from us use this free advise as it can save you the customer many hours of lost time for a few minutes technical advise. With all our products supplied we can offer a commissioning service that will comply with British Standards. This confirms that every part of the system complies with the design requirements. The GFS engineer will test every device in the system and issue a Commissioning certificate to BS5839 Part 1: 2017

Here are a few of our top selling products:

Advanced Electronics
Morley IAS
Haes Systems
Kentec Electronics
EMS Wire free systems
Field Devices
Apollo Fire detection
Hochiki Fire detection
Morley IAS detection
System Sensor detection
Kac Manual call points
Cranford controls
Firecel standard 2 core and 4 core
Firecel Enhanced fireproof cable
Micc (Pyro cables)
Nurse call
Intercall 400
Intercall 600
Intercall 700
Emergency Lighting
Wide range of manufacturers and models to suit the application
We also have access to a vast number of major distributors to accommodate consultant specified products.