Systems – Emergency Lights

At Global Fire Services we acknowledge that emergency lighting is an essential service for most buildings, ensuring a safe exit in times of emergency and normal lighting failure. We design, supply, install and commission emergency lighting with the guidance of the British standard BS5266.

Our knowledge and access to a wide range of luminaires and related products enables us to match the correct products required to illuminate a given area, taking into account specific conditions and siting of the luminaire.

The outcome of this expertise is a system where astute equipment selection and siting produces the most cost effective solution by optimizing the quantity of luminaires required to satisfy the specific installation.

We are able to design from comprehensive drawings that may be available or attending site to carry out a survey utilizing the use of a lux level meter to determine required lighting levels.

Our engineers have benefited from apprenticeships in the electrical industry and have honed their skills in the emergency lighting and fire alarm fields. All installations are carried out in a professional manner, ensuring that there is no comeback on their work.

All installations are complimented with a completion certificate and as fitted drawings.

We offer a wide range of type and standard of equipment and installations, from the basic standalone systems to addressable, low maintenance systems.

We also provide a range of maintenance schedules to suit the installation, ensuring your compliance to the British Standards, keeping the systems fully functional and extending the operational life of the luminaires.